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Dennis Lambert
Dennis Lambert
Songwriter and producer Dennis Lambert enjoyed a successful run working for the ABC-Dunhill label during the '70s, where he and partner Brian Potter helmed hit records for the Four Tops, Dusty Springfield, and Glen Campbell, among others. Lambert began his career as something of a folkie, forming a poppy folk-rock duo with fellow singer/guitarist Craig Nuttycombe in Los Angeles in 1968. The first Lambert & Nuttycombe album, At Home, was released on A&M in 1970, and actually was recorded in the duo's Sausalito, CA, living room. In the meantime, Lambert had formed a songwriting partnership with Brian Potter, with whom he signed a publishing deal with ABC-Dunhill in 1969. Lambert cut a solo album, Bags and Things, in 1972, and returned for a second and final Lambert & Nuttycombe album, As You Will, in 1973.
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